Fly Fishing the Snake River

The Snake River is usually referred to as the Snake, and the south fork of the Snake River flows through the Jackson Hole in Yellow Stone National Park. From Yellow Stone national Park the Snake River enters the Snake River canyon and eventually the Palisades reservoir which lies on the border of Wyoming and Idaho. Fly fishing in the Snake River is usually done with drift boats, because using drift boats you could have more access to the River compared to going on foot. Snake River is home to many sub species of the Cutthroat trout which is indigenous in the River. Cut throats are very fond of dry flies so large dry flies are used for fly fishing in the Snake River.

Trout can be found seasonally in the Snake River between April 1st and October 31st because they can get really cold and also the right temperature for trout to live there which makes it the perfect season for fly fishing. Early season and late run off seasons are preferred to fish in the Snake River. The post season is much better because by August the dry flies are more populated and it is an ideal hunting ground for the Trout. Around this season you find the turck tarantulas, power ants, trudes, humpys and stimulators. Snake River is just an hour away from the world’s most exotic places like Yellow Stone, Green River and Henry’s Fork and all good fisherman know that when the place is beautiful and scenic it makes the fishing experience much more fun and addictive.

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